Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucket List

We have worked on this over the past week, as a family, and the kids are very excited to help us tackle our bucket list this summer.  It is a list of things that we want to accomplish before school starts back up.  We have done a few before, but they are all things we want to do this summer. I will have two babies in school in the fall, can't believe it.  Jonathan will start first grade, and Lilah preschool.  For now, we will finish up the school year, and get ready to tackle our list.

1.  Spend a rainy day at the cabin
2.  Walk daddy home from work
3.  Go to the park with Tessa and Lili
4.  Play at a splash pad
5.   Play in the rain
6.  Make a sand castle
7.  Fly a kite
8.  See a waterfall
9.  Go for a bike ride
10.  Play family tennis
11. Help a neighbor
12. Have a campfire at home
13.  See fireworks
14.  Go camping
15.  Catch a firefly
16.  Go to the zoo
17.  Visit a museum
18.  Scavenger Hunt
19.  Watch a parade from our front lawn
20.  Go to a fair
21.  Visit family in Chicago
22.  Attend our local Concert In The Park and Movie In The Park
23.  Visit a new town
24.  Geocaching up north!!
25.  Plau Putt Putt