Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breaking My Heart

Jonathan has been going through a phase where he is telling us he does not like us. He does not say it when he is mad, but brings it up in casual conversation. We talk about it, and tell him how wrong it is, we are family and you always love your family. I don't think he really knows the meaning of what he is saying, other than the fact that he gets a reaction from us for saying it.

Last night as I was tucking Jonathan in to bed, he said something that tore my heart out. He had a great day, he was being very good and loving. When he said it, he got all quiet and serious.

Jonathan: Mommy, I no like myself

Me: Who did you learn that from? We don't talk like that.

Jonathan: Nobody mom, I say it.

Me: Baby, you should love yourself, I do.

Jonathan: I no like myself mom.

Me: Sweetie, I love you. Do you know why? (I then told him how special he is and what makes him such a good person).

We hugged for a while and I thought I fixed the problem.

See, that is why you should love yourself like I do.

Jonathan: I still no like myself.

(heart breaks). I sure hope he does not know the meaning of what he is saying.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All Too Wise

This evenining on the way home from daycare, after listening to Jonathan explain to Lilah how rainclouds make rainbows, we had an even more intersting conversation.

Jonathan: Mom, Lilah loves cookies.

Me: No sweetie, Lilah is too little for cookies.

Jonathan: No, her loves them mom.

Me: Baby, she can't have them.

Jonathan: Yea mom. You eat cookies and then Lilah eats cookies in your boobie milk. Lilah loves cookies in your boobie milk.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not A Pretty Penny

I have been on a roll today. All these items were absolutely free today. All I paid was tax.

3 4 packs of toilet paper
6 travel packs of Huggies wipes
2 eco friendly shopping bags
2 Glade The Fragrance Collection candles
4 packages of Steamfresh frozen vegetables
2 bottles of Lawry's marinate
4 McCormick Grill Seasonings
2 cans of Muir Glen Organic tomato paste
1 package of Kotex
2 Kroger Puffs
1 Edge shaving gel
1 box Gauze
3 boxes of Capri Sun
1 box Ronzini pasta

I can't believe we have gone from spending over $300 in groceries a month, to around $150. $150 a month for a family of 4. That even includes diapers and participating in Michigan Door To Door Organics. I am spending 1/2 as much and getting so much more. I love coupons and smart shopping.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What A Wonderful Day

I love the first few days where the weather is real nice. Everyone is out doing something. Mike had a meeting first thing in the morning to do, so we packed up the kids and dropped him off. Jonathan and I grabbed a quick breakfast and we ran over to Target to pass the hour or so until we could go pick up Mike.

We headed over to Indian Springs for the day. We always go the weekend before or after Earth Day. We headed to the pond dome first. I think Mike and I like it a little more than Jonathan does, he's always so excited he just runs around looking for the next thing to go to. We headed down one of the nature trails going up a big hill, and two a few bridges overlooking a pond. Jonathan loved it and was constantly discovering something new. That is why this is one of our favorite parks.

After that we picked out a spot to lay down our blanket for our picnic lunch. Mike packed us Bologna sandwiches, sugar snap peas, apples, grapes, rice cakes, and fruit snacks. Mmmmm. Jonathan must have been hungry (surprise, surprise) because he ate a ton. After Lilah ate she fell right asleep. She has had a fever since Friday so we didn't want to wake her. I laid her down on the blanket and covered her lightly with a receiving blanket.

Mike took one for the team and laid down next to her while Jonathan and I explored a new playground we had not gone to before. When we made it back to our blanket they were both sounds asleep, so we headed to the other side of the park. Tackling the toddler playground, the huge sandbox, the maze, the rope climb, and the rock climbing wall. After running around everywhere, we headed back to find them both still asleep. Mike got sunburned, but Lilah was nice, covered, and cool.

Exhausted from playing, and sleeping, we headed over to Mike's parents to visit for a few hours. Played and visited there for a while and headed back home for a light dinner and some family time. Perfect day.

Mr. Jonathan

Jonathan has been doing real well the past 2 weeks, he is starting to listen a lot better. Sometimes you have to remind him to turn his listening ears on or up, but he is getting a lot better.
He still does not want to watch any movies other than Cars. We kind of force him to watch other movies like Bolt, Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Pinocchio, and other non scary Disney movies. She sits through them but complains the whole time that they are scary and he does not like them, Yet he sits there and watches most of the movie. I don't want to push him to watch things that he thinks are scary, but I want to show him that they really aren't. All he wants to watch is Cars, Baby Einstein movies, and the occasional Dora, Diego, or Barney.

He has been potty trained since I went back to work last October but we are still struggling with nighttime. He wears Pull-Ups still at night. He says he wants to wear underwear but normally his Pull-Up is wet in the morning. I think I am just going to try it one night and see how it goes. Maybe when it warms up a bit and he does not have 5 blankets on his bed.

He is doing real good at learning his letters. He can pick out most of them by sight and he is still working on learning his name, sorry it's so long baby. He is starting to sing a lot, and I mean a LOT. As in the whole car ride home from daycare. He loves singing to Lilah. ABC's, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, GodSpeed, and Lullaby (Dixi Chicks, his naptime music). It's real cute.

He is also turning in to quite the commedian, he loves making people laugh. He wanted to put on Lilah's jacket the other night. I told him it was too small and he told me, "I put it on, and I go show Daddy. He think it's funy, it make him laugh". It was pretty darn funny.

I love my little man.

Miss Lilah - Almost 8 Months

This picture is actually from last weekend, but it pretty much describes the past month. Lilah has been teething like crazy the past month. Almost every day we have had to give her Motrin for the pain. Nothing seems to help. This weekend has been especially rough. Her fever is running around 102, with Motrin. Poor girl. I have been wearing her all around the house in her Peanut Shell because as soon as I put her down she starts screaming. You can see the white tips of the teeth right at the surface. She has at least one on the bottom almost through and one on the top. She's at such a fun age, it stinks she is not feeling good. Jonathan follows us around kissing on her and singing to her trying to make her feel better.

She is just growing and developing like crazy the past few weeks. She has a new found love for Puffs. I try not to give her too many but she is going through about a canister a week. I need to find a healthier alternative. Too bad she is not old enough for the freeze dried veggies yet. I forgot to back Lilah's mommy milk on Thursday and she went though a hunger strike. Refused to take formula at daycare. She didn't even have a wet diaper all day. Poor girl. She is getting picky. I gave her a jar of sweet potatoes and chicken and she threw a fit. Give her the same thing homemade and she will eat it all. She's got good taste, what can I say?

She is starting to babble a lot more. Her favorite things to say are "Bubba","Mama", and "Dada". I thought she was just babbling but she is starting to say "Mama" when she wants me or when I pick her up. I have also been working on signing with her. We did it a little with Jonathan and will probably just do a few signs with Lilah too. We are working on "milk", and "more". She'll eat anytime I try to feed her, but I know that is not always why she is crying. Hopefully this will help her comminicate her needs a little better before she can talk. She tries to sign back but i don't think she is quite coordinated enough to do it. But when I sign to her she starts moving her hands and opening and closing them trying to do it too.

She is able to get from one end of the living room to the next with a combination of rolling over and turning herself around. She get's up on all fours and tries going forward, It won't be too long before she is crawling.

I keep thinking of her as my little newborn, but she is getting big so fast.