Sunday, April 19, 2009

What A Wonderful Day

I love the first few days where the weather is real nice. Everyone is out doing something. Mike had a meeting first thing in the morning to do, so we packed up the kids and dropped him off. Jonathan and I grabbed a quick breakfast and we ran over to Target to pass the hour or so until we could go pick up Mike.

We headed over to Indian Springs for the day. We always go the weekend before or after Earth Day. We headed to the pond dome first. I think Mike and I like it a little more than Jonathan does, he's always so excited he just runs around looking for the next thing to go to. We headed down one of the nature trails going up a big hill, and two a few bridges overlooking a pond. Jonathan loved it and was constantly discovering something new. That is why this is one of our favorite parks.

After that we picked out a spot to lay down our blanket for our picnic lunch. Mike packed us Bologna sandwiches, sugar snap peas, apples, grapes, rice cakes, and fruit snacks. Mmmmm. Jonathan must have been hungry (surprise, surprise) because he ate a ton. After Lilah ate she fell right asleep. She has had a fever since Friday so we didn't want to wake her. I laid her down on the blanket and covered her lightly with a receiving blanket.

Mike took one for the team and laid down next to her while Jonathan and I explored a new playground we had not gone to before. When we made it back to our blanket they were both sounds asleep, so we headed to the other side of the park. Tackling the toddler playground, the huge sandbox, the maze, the rope climb, and the rock climbing wall. After running around everywhere, we headed back to find them both still asleep. Mike got sunburned, but Lilah was nice, covered, and cool.

Exhausted from playing, and sleeping, we headed over to Mike's parents to visit for a few hours. Played and visited there for a while and headed back home for a light dinner and some family time. Perfect day.


Gina said...

Beautiful family!! I love Indian Springs and love that it's less than three minutes from my house! It was great to see you yesterday too Carrie! We need to get together again soon!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

awesome park pictures! you captured them perfectly!