Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breaking My Heart

Jonathan has been going through a phase where he is telling us he does not like us. He does not say it when he is mad, but brings it up in casual conversation. We talk about it, and tell him how wrong it is, we are family and you always love your family. I don't think he really knows the meaning of what he is saying, other than the fact that he gets a reaction from us for saying it.

Last night as I was tucking Jonathan in to bed, he said something that tore my heart out. He had a great day, he was being very good and loving. When he said it, he got all quiet and serious.

Jonathan: Mommy, I no like myself

Me: Who did you learn that from? We don't talk like that.

Jonathan: Nobody mom, I say it.

Me: Baby, you should love yourself, I do.

Jonathan: I no like myself mom.

Me: Sweetie, I love you. Do you know why? (I then told him how special he is and what makes him such a good person).

We hugged for a while and I thought I fixed the problem.

See, that is why you should love yourself like I do.

Jonathan: I still no like myself.

(heart breaks). I sure hope he does not know the meaning of what he is saying.

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