Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss Lilah - Almost 8 Months

This picture is actually from last weekend, but it pretty much describes the past month. Lilah has been teething like crazy the past month. Almost every day we have had to give her Motrin for the pain. Nothing seems to help. This weekend has been especially rough. Her fever is running around 102, with Motrin. Poor girl. I have been wearing her all around the house in her Peanut Shell because as soon as I put her down she starts screaming. You can see the white tips of the teeth right at the surface. She has at least one on the bottom almost through and one on the top. She's at such a fun age, it stinks she is not feeling good. Jonathan follows us around kissing on her and singing to her trying to make her feel better.

She is just growing and developing like crazy the past few weeks. She has a new found love for Puffs. I try not to give her too many but she is going through about a canister a week. I need to find a healthier alternative. Too bad she is not old enough for the freeze dried veggies yet. I forgot to back Lilah's mommy milk on Thursday and she went though a hunger strike. Refused to take formula at daycare. She didn't even have a wet diaper all day. Poor girl. She is getting picky. I gave her a jar of sweet potatoes and chicken and she threw a fit. Give her the same thing homemade and she will eat it all. She's got good taste, what can I say?

She is starting to babble a lot more. Her favorite things to say are "Bubba","Mama", and "Dada". I thought she was just babbling but she is starting to say "Mama" when she wants me or when I pick her up. I have also been working on signing with her. We did it a little with Jonathan and will probably just do a few signs with Lilah too. We are working on "milk", and "more". She'll eat anytime I try to feed her, but I know that is not always why she is crying. Hopefully this will help her comminicate her needs a little better before she can talk. She tries to sign back but i don't think she is quite coordinated enough to do it. But when I sign to her she starts moving her hands and opening and closing them trying to do it too.

She is able to get from one end of the living room to the next with a combination of rolling over and turning herself around. She get's up on all fours and tries going forward, It won't be too long before she is crawling.

I keep thinking of her as my little newborn, but she is getting big so fast.

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