Sunday, May 3, 2009

Going Green

Lilah did a little exploring this afternoon at Nana and Papa's. Yea, not a fan of the grass. She was curious at first, then started getting the heeby jeebies (yea, that's spelled right, looked it up with Swagbucks). Eventually she would start shivering by looking at it. She put her hands on her legs so she wouldn't touch the grass and put her chin to her chest for some reason.


Gina said...

So beautiful! Oh and I'm up to 187 now!! Not slacking any more:-)

Anonymous said...

187? Awesome! If I didn't cash any in I would have 167. How many people do you have under you? I only have 2 and one is not active. I have already cashed in 3 Amazon gift cards. I have them on my account but I have't used them yet.