Monday, May 25, 2009

Pirate Hunting

It is with much sadness that I am closing up the long weekend with a blog. We had such a wonderful weekend, I hate the moment when it is coming to an end. The bottles are packed, clothes laid out, diaper bag full, and the washing machine is running. A typical Sunday evening, now Monday.

Every drop of the long weekend has been savored and well spent. We have spent countless hours with friends and family.

We had an awesome time yesterday at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad, we even bought an annual pass. And we were thrilled that daddy got to spend some extra time with us today before heading in to work. We celebrated Memorial Day at my parents house. Jonathan was in his glory with all of the girls there, Andrew, Brian, and Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Ruth Anne, and Uncle Earl. So many people to entertain him, and they sure did. While Lilah was down for a nap, I went out to play for a bit. While Jonathan was swinging in Papa's hammock he just put up (we bought it for him well over a year ago for his retirement), I filled a little baggie with some candy and buried it in the sandbox, and marked it with a "X". I quickly called him over and told him I thought I saw some pirates over by the sandbox burying treasure. That was all it took, the hunt was on. After digging up the treasure, Jonathan was on cloud 9. Somehow he decided to find the pirates that left the treasure. The girls egged him on yelling pirate words as he would walk away and the search would head in another direction. He was decked out for pirate hunting. If you have never hunted for pirates before, take note if you want any chance of catching them.

The proper attire includes:
Bucket Hat
Sword (Bubble Wand)
Dandelion bracelets and anklets (to protect you from the pirates)

He crept through the woods with Nana trying to catch up with them. We thought they were getting away until we blew on a dandelion to watch which way the seeds blew, then we were back on their tail. We hiked through the field and across the woods. The pirate hunt took on a good 2 hours.

2 hours well spent.

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