Monday, December 28, 2009

Total Slacker

I have totally been slacking on posting blogs and pics for a few reasons.

It doesn't seem that anyone has missed postings so I don't feel too bad. Not quite sure what I want to do with my blog right now. I haven't been taking many pictures lately, I have got a ton of good deals but by the time I get to blogging about it, it's too late, and I am not sure how much I like sharing about the kiddos. Every now and then I get very umcomfortable and right now is one of those times.
So to hold you over, if anyone is reading this, here is a brief update.

Kids are doing great. Jonathan got his first "report card" . Very exciting to see what he is doing great it and what he could still use some help with. Like using Scissors. He really struggles with that. I think because he is left handed, he complains that it doesn't feel compfortable holding them the right way. I think I need to get him some left scissors. He really enjoyed Christmas. Got a lot of fun presents that he has been playing with non stop. A Scooter he has been trying to play with all weekend (I promise we will put it together soon), his BatCave, and a digital camera. He has been taking a ton of pictures. He even sets up shots to take. I would guess that 80% of his pictures on the camera are of Lilah. He loves her to bits! I think I am going to have to set up a Flickr account for him. Or post a pic a week or something. One of his new favorite new words is "Yummylicious". He uses it if he likes something a lot. The pizza I made for lunch yesterday and the peanut butter and jelly pancake sandwiches we had for a snack both received a Yummylicious review.

Miss Lilah has been battling something that involves a runny nose and a fever. She has had it for almost a week now. It comes and goes. She weighs 20 lbs and is 29 inches tall. Still likes rearfacing in her carseat and I am hoping to keep her that way until she is at least 2. She really enjoyed Christmas, even letting Jonathan open up most of her presents. Loves playing with her babies and her new cradel and changing table. Pushes them around the house in her shopping cart or stroller playing house with Jonathan. Likes playing with her Little People house. She's really in to her books and making animal noises. Her favorite is when you ask her what a Lilah Bear says. Go ahead and give it a try, ask her.

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