Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Day In The Life Of . . . Lilah

My little gymnast. Today, she has been obsessed with the kitchen table. Seriously, I can't hide all 5 chairs. She will climb up on a chair when I am not looking, and from there on to the kitchen table. I have rescued her from the laundry basket, a stool she got up on in the bathroom and couldn't get down, climbed up on the toilet and could not get down, climbed in to a very small plastic bin that holds her Legos and could not get out (3 times today), standing on her rocking horse and could not get down, and she climbed under her brothers bed and could not get out, and tried fitting in her baby stroller, on top of the baby. I really do love this stage though, good or bad she is learning so much.


Gina said...

You should seriously look into modeling this child. She is so gorgeous and I just love that full head of hair!!

Carrie said...

Thank you Gina!! It's so wild and crazy, fits her personality :)