Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moore updates . . .

*I know I totally just used this photoon my photo blog, but I love it!

Miss Lilah:

Is such a little stinker. She has such personaliy. She definatly gets it from her brother. She thinks she is so funny. Every time someone else laughs, she liks to join in, regardless of the situation. Thinks whoopie cushins are hilarious. Has WILD hair. I don't know how to do her hair. Instead, I brought little hair ties to daycare and Miss Aimee does her hair for me. I need to learn. Is a marathon runner. Seriously, she's got speed. Loves bottle time. She runs to her bean bag and waits for you to bring it to her when she is tired. Tries to put her socks on by herself, unsuccessfully. Is very proud of her climbing capabilities, whether it is the stairs, Jonathan's bed, or random objects.

Lilah's ever expanding vocabulary:
Duck (Dah), and quacks
Sings her "Momma" song that Jonathan and I sing
Uh -Oh (she will say "Uh" before she drop something and then fished up with "oh")
Mine (seems to be her favorite)

She does a pretty good job of understanding basic commands. She almost always sits down when I ask her to (mainly in the tub). I can ask here to go get basic items like her blankie, nuk, baby and sippy cup. She will also feed, hug, and kiss her baby when you ask her too.

She has so much personality, such an amazing little girl.

Mr. Jonathan:
Is hopefully finally over "the cough". Oficially diagnosed with asthma. He know uses an inhaler every day, along with Singulair, and has a rescue inhaler for when he needs it. Likes playing with his little sister, then banning her from all things Jonathan in a matter or seconds. Likes picking up Lilah and carrying her around "helping" her. I don't like it so much. Is starting to avoiding discussions that make him uncomfortable, specially those involving him being in trouble. Had a girlfriend, got dumped because he needs to be bigger and stronger. Can fit in to his sister's 12-18 month Halloween costume. Is insisting on being a ghost (or The Riddler) for Halloween. Wants to go to Vegas. As in every day. We have never been to Vegas, probably never will. Is finally starting to wear shoes other than Crocs. Finally. Is such a loving child, most of the time. Still likes to be held and cuddled, all the time. Takes part in our nightly discussions about the best part of our day. Holds us accountable if we forget to say grace before eating, at every meal. Has the sweetest singing voice when he sings to Lilah.

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