Saturday, January 1, 2011

52 Project - Week 1

I think the 365 project is going to be a 52 project, a picture of each of the kids, every week. That I can do. Every day though, specially in the winter, would be a huge struggle to do a 365 project, and missing a day would give me anxiety. It's hard enough to fit in dinner and a bath before bedtime, let alone a picture. But week 1 was a success, I have photos of each of the kids. Tomorrow starts week 2 . . . You can follow along on my Flickr page as well . . .

One picture, of each child, every week. That I can. Bucket List items can be modified right?

Picture 1 for Jonathan is a photo of him watching Tessa play on the computer with grandma. I think they were playing a Barbie game.

Picture 1 for Lilah I LOVE. She climbed up on grandpa's lap exhausted and within a few minutes fell asleep. Too cute. You can even tell what team grandpa was hoping would win today.

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Gina said...

Carrie this is a fantastic idea! I might just have to do something similar:)