Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updated Bucket List

I am trying at least. That is what I have to say.

  • I made pasta. From scratch. And it is yummy. Perfect for chicken noodle soup, or anything else.

  • I have tried to plant a larger garden. I have planted more plants, so many that I have no where to put them. And the kids have helped.

  • I edited the 365 project, and made it a weekly thing. Then it dropped off the face of this planet in March when we started packing things, showing the house, and preparing to hopefully move some day. Or in a few hundred years or so it seems.

  • Jonathan and I are on book 31 of the Magic Treehouse Series, on track to complete the series this year.

  • I have not blogged more, but the year is not over yet :)

  • Photography business on hold until this twister puts us down somewhere.

  • We have been doing great budgeting, paying off debt, and saving this year, Dave Ramsey Style.

  • I caught a fish! This weekend! With Jonathan's fishing pole, and I made my sister take it off the hook and toss is back in the water for me. After wioshing him well, he started swimming again. Success!

  • Not many date nights yet. But next weekend is our anniversary, and we are committed to going on a date Saturday night, Mike has to work on our anniversary. So I will celebrate it with the kids! Maybe we'll have a romantic dinner or something.

  • Lilah uses regular cups not all the time, unless we are on the road, or she cries for a lid. Down to a few plastic plates yet, but they use our normal dishes a lot. They will be gone soon. Promise.

  • I still need to write my matron of honor speech, Sarah get's married in less than 3 weeks!! Someone help me!!

  • I made toothpaste. It was okay. I don't think I will make it again though. No one else would use it.

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