Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yes, we have a 3 year old!

Our little firecracker turned "free" (3) a month and a half ago, I know I am a blogger slacker. But I have excused, and they will come in another post! I couldnt' think of a better time to do a little update on what she has been up to. Lilah brings so much love and joy to the family. When she get's hurt or is tired she needs her "dada". Loves playing with her babies, specially her Bitty Baby "Hoho", which has become a part of the family. Like she goes to doctors appointments for checkups and everything. Loves "hosies", or "hee-hee's". Loves to read Amelia Bedeilia, Fancy Nancy, and American Girl catalogs. Her favorite book right now is "Ponyella". When she is tired, she wants to be held, and let's you know by following you around the house saying "upies". Has done great sleeping in her new bed, in her new room. Stays in her bed all night long most of the time. Likes to ride bikes, but apprently her Dora tricycle at home makes her sad. "Momma, Dora bike me sad. New big princess bike, me happy." She got a big bike for her birthday and it even has a baby carrier in the back. She loves riding it in the driveway, and down the road to the school behind our house, as long as she has a baby in back she is good. If you as me, she goes way too fast for a 3 year old, but she's just trying to keep up with her brother. She follows her brother around wanting to play, or just be in the same room as him. Likes to watch Angelina Balerina, Princess And The Frog, Tangled, Cailou, and Dora. When we dropped Joanthan off for his first day of kindergarten, we had to carry her out of the room crying for her "Bubba". I will randomly tell Jonathan that I am leaving when he is not listening or following us when we are out and about (I know, mom of the year award, but I would never do it), and Lilah throws a fit crying for Jonathan because she doesn't know it is all a trick to get him to move along and stick with us. Anyways, we love this little girl we call Lilah, and I just wante to share.

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