Saturday, April 6, 2013


After the beds were prepared, and after I finished transplanting plants, I planted some seeds.  The only ones I planted are the vegetables that grow under the ground.  They are more hearty and can be planted prior to the last frost.  I do not start these indoors, and there are way to many to start indoors, and they do not transplant well.

I planted both of these varieties last year.  They did okay, but not great. I don't think any of the onions got up to even a golf ball size.  They were good, and great to slice up when you only need a little onion, but I am hoping this year the Stuttgarter's will get big enough to store.  I planted 100 onions total.  They are pretty small, the Red Of Florence I planted 16 in a sq ft, and the Stuttgarters I planted 9 per sq ft.

Last year I wanted to plant the Cosmic Purple carrots, and the seeds sold out before I ordered.  This year they were the first thing I added to my cart.  I was not going to miss out.  We grew the Amarillo carrots last year and they were great.  This will also be my first year growing the Muscade carrots.  Last year the kids loved picking carrots and eating them, and we got a great harvest.  We ate most of them, but froze a few bags as well.  We have used them throughout the year in dishes like chicken pot pie, and shepherds pie.  Yumm.  I planted 96 carrots.

Beets.  I love beets.  My husband insists they taste like dirt, I beg to differ.  Either way though, I am planting them.  They are great to can, and later use on salads.  Last year I planted the Chioggia Beets, they look like candy cane stripes inside.  They were pretty, but not very tasty.  Glad to have a more traditional beet this year.  I planted 36 beets.

I forgot to take a picture of the Amish Snap Pea seed packed,  They came from Seed Savers Exchange, and were gifted to me by our awesome neighbors. They got a few seed packets free from a Lehman's order, and they do not normally plant peas.  I used this trellis last year with our zucchini, and the zucchini plants were way too big for it, but I think it will work great for the snap peas.  I planted
64 pea plants, and I am sure each and every one of those pea pods will be eaten right out of the garden by the kids, and that is exactly why I planted them.

Last but not least, the Luffa Gourd.  I direct sowed (planted outside by seed) these last year but they were in the back of the property and did not get enough attention.  I started 4 plants indoors today, hoping this year will be a success. I really want some of these to make Christmas gifts.  I promise to give them more attention.

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