Monday, June 15, 2009

The lunches are packed on the counter with care . . .

I always underestimate the amount of time that it takes to prepare for the next day. I haven't taken any special lunch pics in a long time. The special lunches have been growing as Lilah has added new foods in to her diet, and after getting two more teeth in this weekend (yes, 9 months and 8 teeth), I am sure it will expand even more.

Lilah's meals: Two mommy milk bottles (yea!!), 1 home made pancake (thank you Mike), and 2 cubes of spinach, sweet potato, and chicken (which a little brown rice cereal and prune juice will get added to).

Jonathan's meals: Two homemade pancakes, a dish of homemade Raspberry Jam (my first canning success) to go on the pancakes, 2 little rolls of deli turkey, cheese crumbles, 1 Roma Tomato, little dish of bowtie pasta with cucumber and onion (based on Stephanie's pasta dish, from Karen's recipe), 3 slices of cantaloupe.

Mmm. I wish I was eating their lunch tomorrow (minus Lilah's mommy milk).


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