Saturday, June 20, 2009

Soccer Time

Jonathan has an exciting 5 weeks coming up. He is playing soccer and taking tennis lessons. We started soccer on Thursday and tennis will start on Monday during the day.

I never played soccer as a kid so I had no clue what we needed to get. At his first class, we ended up getting shirts, shorts, socks, a ball, and 4 cones. I had already picked him up shin guards and soccer cleats. No clue what the cones are for, and I thought the shin guards went over the socks. Good thing Mike played soccer, otherwise all of the kids would have been picking on the poor kid that was dressed by his mom. He looks adorable all dressed up.

He had so much fun playing soccer with his friends. Cousin Tessa, best buddy Emerson, and Violet and Rory, our neighbors twin granddaughters were there too (they adore Jonathan). Grandma Moore and Ms Di came to watch the kids too.

If you ask him what his favorite part was, he says doing his exercises.

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