Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Crazy Kids

Started "school time" at daycare again. Was very excited. Has started quoting his favorite movies. Is 30 lbs exactly. Has had a horrible cough since July 20th, multiple dr trips. First a "virus", then "asthma/allergies", now a "bacterial overgrowth", however none of the medicine is making a difference.Can be very sassy. Loves riding his bike. Will yell at you if he thinks you are not buckled up in the car. We always buckle up. Tells on himself when he get's in trouble. Blames everything on Aunt Becky.

Is one. Has a 12th tooth. Yes, all 4 molars. One is all the way in, the other three are all poking through, but not in all the way across yet. Says "Momma" when she wants me, says "mine" when she wants what you have, and likes to sing her favorite song "Lilah" that Jonathan and I made up when she was a newborn. Loves to give kisses, which could be confused with eating your face, until you hear the kissing sound she makes when she is finished. Walks. Runs. Loves shoes. Loves to feed her baby dolls bottles, then attempt to help herself until she realizes they are not real. Is officially done nursing. Tear. Sob. Crying a river.


Bridgette said...

Your kids are so ADORABLE!!!!

Ray said...

Those are lovely portrait!! Energic and fun! :)