Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unwanted Guest

After being concerned about a small spot on the ceiling above Jonathan's bed, we bought a home mold test from Home Depot (Jonathan's favorite place to get a hot dog). We did two tests, a surface test, and an air test. Our results, the photo. After a few days the ceiling and walls were cut out, an issue with the ventilation pipe from our basement bathroom was fixed, and the insulation and drywall have been repaired.

I am hoping this help with the kids chronic coughs, particularly Jonathan's, his has been the worst. We have another visit scheduled for him next week. They both had allergy profiles ran last week, generic allergy tests, and mold specific allergy tests, both came back completely negative for any allergies. I am a little shocked, I was actually hoping something would show up so we could know what is wrong. Hoping to get some results next week.

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