Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salad Time

It's spring, and it is snowing.  The high today is in the upper 20's.  Last year we hit 80.  I am so anxious to get the plants outside in the ground, but we are a few weeks away from that as the ground is still frozen.  Even though I have already started a lot inside, there is a lot more to go, and I was counting on having some of these outside already. I am running out of grow light room!

Regardless though, I started our lettuce today.  I am only strarting one variety indoors, the rest I will direct sow in a few weeks.  Rocky Top Mix.  This is perfect for salad.  We will buy romaine and add lettuce and greens from our garden in with it for variety.  I started only 8 plants for right now.  Like I said, I will be planting more directly outside when the ground thaws.  We also use our kale, swiss chard, beet greens, and spinach in salad, so we do not need as much "lettuce".  This just adds a little more color and texture.  And it grows fast :)

This is our little snow covered herb and lettuce garden, it goes along the side of our garage between the garage and the house.  It is thinner, and get's a good amount of shade.  Being between the garage and the house gives it a lot of shelter too from the winds.  When everything was bone dry last summer, this bed stayed moist a little longer and  did not need to be watered as much.  It's perfect for lettuce.  Last year we planted our lettuce, greens, and garlic here.  The garlic has been moved to a raised bed this year, and our herbs moved here in the fall to make way for a larger tomato garden.  I am hoping the herbs survived.

Even this little squirrel that is eating all my bird feed is ready for spring . . .

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