Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spinach, Full Of Health!

Spinach, Monstreux D'Viroplay.  It went in to the dirt today.  I planted 8 plants.

Last years spinach was from a seed packet purchased who know when, from who knows where.  I am hoping I will have more success with this variety, from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Now that the majority of my early seeds are planted and under the light, I am planting smaller quantities at a time.  I d not have a lot of small planting containers, so I am using a tray that my husband brought home these delicious chocolate pistachio doughnut things in.  It works perfect as it allows the seeds a lot of light, which warms the soil, and helps the seeds germinate.

We used most of our spinach fresh last year.  As salad, in salads, sandwiches, omelettes, as a side for dinner, you name it.  We did not have nearly as much spinach as we did kale and swiss chard last year.  Hoping this years crop will be more plentiful.

Next week . . .lettuce.

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