Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring, we are ready.

I am trying to be patient.  Really I am.  We had a nice weekend with temps up to 60 degrees.  Now today is another story, its hovering around freezing and we have had snow flurries.  Spring came early last year, and caused a lot of damage to fruit crops around here, so I don't want to rush it this year, but I am ready to see
green. Last year at this time I had already planted our spinach, kale, and swiss chard outside, and I was getting ready to put all of our herbs outside.  No where near ready this year.

The counter is full under our grow light right now.  I am hoping we do not have to set up another.  I have moved the leeks and rhubarb to the windowsill in the kitchen.  The leeks are doing great, they are about 3-4 inches tall right now, the rhubarb has been looking slightly wilted so I am moving it back under the grow lights for today.

Just about all of the tomatoes have now sprouted.  I am cutting back the plants as they come in so there is only one in each pot.  Every time I snip the second or third plant coming up, I feel like I am cutting off an arm.  But I know it is for the best.  Doing so allows the surviving plant to get all the nutrients and have all the space it needs. The peppers are looking very healthy.  I am excited as my peppers did not start to well indoors last year.

I want to get the luffa gourds potted but I am trying to hold off until the ground thaws so I can get the kale and a few other hardy plants outside.

I have been saving milk jugs the past few weeks.  I rinsed them out, and cut the bottom off.  They will make perfect little mini greenhouses for when the plants first move outside.  Last year I used mason jars, which worked great, but the plants quickly grew to touch the top of the jars.  Once I move the plants outside, I keep an eye on the weather and when it seems like there could be a frost, I cover them at night.

My sister Becky got married late last summer, and had tulip bulbs as wedding favors.  I tried planting them in the ground over the weekend, but it was still frozen.  They are sitting in bowls filled with an inch or so of rocks, then filled with water.  Overnight the roots started sprouting like crazy, and the buds are growing super fast too.  I am hoping in two weeks I can plant them outside, but for now, our little kitchen table it looking like spring.  And I don't mind.

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