Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation Day 1 and 2

Day 1

We planned on leaving for vacation Saturday they 18th, around 3pm, a few hours in to Marjie's open house. That morning we changed our plans and decided to drive straight through to Marquette to stay with Craig, Maggy, and the boys. It was going to get cold that night and we wanted to wait until it was a little warmer to camp.
The kids were great for the 8 hour drive. They both slept until we got to Mackinaw City and stopped for dinner. Once we crossed over Lilah slept off and on, and Jonathan stayed awake watching movies and playing. We got in around 10:45, chatted a bit and went to sleep.

Day 2

We lucked out and Uncle Craig had the day off, overseeing the golf course, he doesn't get very many of those. We started off the day with a hike up SugarLoaf Mountain. The kids had a great time. Jonathan and Jace would take off ahead of us and explore. They enjoyed climbing up the rock and picking and eating wild blueberries. Jonathan was stealing all the berries everyone was picking. The grabbed some sticks and stones on the way up and loved "launching" them off the top of the mountain. The view was amazing. Most people forget we have all of this right here in Michigan.
After our climb, we went in to Marquette and picked up a family size sub to split from a local sub shop. We took it to Presque Isle Park and had a picnic lunch facing Lake Superior. This was where we had Craig and Maggy's rehearsal lunch at. The boys spend a good hour throwing rocks in to Lake Superior while Boden and Lilah splashed in the little puddles of water that gathered on the rock. I think they could have spent all day doing that.
We headed back home and let the boys play outside. They had a great time running across the rumble bridge and playing in the sandbox. Mike and Craig went golfing at Craig's golfcourse, Greywalls, while Maggy and I took the kids to "Wood Park". Jonathan and Jace were "booming" on the older kids when they started to play back. Jonathan ended up getting pushed down and mommy had to lay down the law with a few kids. I can't stand bullies. After a nice dinner and baths, we were all ready for bed.

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