Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why daddy sick?

Preface: Mike has not been feeling well. His muscles and bones have been hurting really bad to the point where he can barely pick up Lilah. He had the day off, but I took the kids to daycare so he could rest and go to the doctors.

Jonathan: Hey mom, you take medicine and drink water and it make you feel better?

Me: Yep, sometimes that helps.

Jonathan: Oh. Why daddy no do that all night long? Why him still sick?

Me: I don't know baby. Daddy doesn't feel good.

Jonathan: Mom, I have so much bones in my body.

Me: Yep, you have lots of bones in your body.

Jonathan: Yes. Daddy have big bones in his body. Daddy's big bones hurt mom.

Me: I know, daddy's bones hurt. Hopefully the doctor can make him feel better.

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