Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunny Summer Days

Mike has started a week of closing 7 nights in a row. Lovely. The kids and I made the most out of the weekend with a trip to the splash pad, some late night shopping for party decorations, Birch Run with Aunt Becky, and a fun evening at Nana and Papa's. In addition to that I feel rather accomplished. Cooked, cleaned, got laundry done, cleaned the kids room, and worked on editing (should have done that more, I have 4 sessions left to edit still).
Now this week will be busy. More editing to do, lots of cleaning for Lilah's party this weekend, and another (possibly 2) photo session, and next weekend we have a family reunion and Lilah's 1st Birthday Party. Did I mention she is turning one in a week? I can't believe it.

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