Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trip to Walgreens

I had $13 in Register Rewards that were about to expire next week that I needed to use up. Jonathan spent the night at Nana and Papa's so that allowed Lilah and I some time to hit up Walgreens this morning.

I spent $4.76, and earned $15 in register rewards. I was able to roll all of my Register Rewards and not loose a dollar. The Walgreens in Grand Blanc is one that will normally let you use multiple RR in one purchase.

I never use to shop at Walgreens, until I started using coupons. But if I can pick up a few things here and there, for just pennies, I'll make the extra stop.

The only item I really NEEDED was coffee creamer, my work bottle was almost empty. Every time we get sick, we seem to be out of cold medicne (other than Samboucal), and we end up paying full price. I got the TheraFlu for free. I am going to try to stock up more on cold medicine so we don't end up having to buy it at full price because we need it.

That is the thing that I enjoy the most about using coupons. Very rarely am I getting groceries because we NEED something (other than milk or eggs). I get the items that we will use, at the best price I can get. That way when we need them, we have them. I don't mind paying .24 for a can up Tomato Soup today, rather than $1.59 when I need it.

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