Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Hallmark Day To Me!

I am so excited! Not only is today Friday, but it is my Hallmark Day. My Father's Day card is premeiring on their website today. Check it out if you have a chance. You can also see it on their blog. As an added bonus, I received my card proof and check in the mail last night. I am hoping my NILMDTS received theirs as well. I'l have to frame the proof for our wall. Everyone keeps asking, the card will be on sale in May at select Hallmark stores.

For my photography blog, I will be running a contest that will be announced the day voting begins. Keep your eye on my photoblog for more details.

My good friend Stephanie is also a finalist, you can check our her card on their website and blog as well. She premiered on Wednesday.

Go us!!

1 comment:

mommyryans said...

Do you realize that you're going to be the featured finalist alllll weekend because it's FRIDAY?! Boo-yah!