Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What We Do Have

Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in what everyone else has, I start to feel bad. I find myself wishing we had more money, a bigger house, better vehicles, vacation's to far away places . . . etc. I sometimes take for granted what we do have, and what is really important.

My husband told me I needed to write a new blog. When I asked him why, he said "I learn about you". We really do talk, all the time, I am not sure what he want's to know that he does not already know, but I thought I would share this list.

Some of the things that I am thankful for. Hoping that when we are having one of those days, weeks, months and even years, we can look on it and feel complete. Because we do have everything that we need.

  • Love and trust in eachother
  • Two amazing little children that are us, completely
  • Two sets of parents that have been married for over 30 years each
  • Parents who have gone through the same things we go through
  • Trust in God and that we are right where we are meant to be
  • All the food and supplies that our children could need
  • A safe clean home that is not in need of any major updates or repairs
  • Two full time jobs that provide what we need
  • Two vehicles that fit all of us and are in good condition
  • A place for our children to go while we work where they are loved and cared for
  • Siblings that we see on a regular basis and that are a big part of our childrens lives
  • Close friends who have been a part of our lives for years (some over 15 years)
  • The ability to be resourceful and work with what we have
  • A caring son that loves and protects his little sister
  • A daughter whose eyes light up at the sound of her brothers voice
  • A son that tells us constantly that he loves us and we are his best buddy and best friend
  • The desire and ability to make healthy cost effective meals for our family
  • The desire to spend every minute possible with my husband and kids
  • Love for my husband that grows by the minute
  • A creative outlet and a little "me" time every now and then
  • A child with an imagination
  • A dog that is a part of our family
  • A 50/50 partnership with my husband in our marriage, the raising of our children and life in general

I could continue to count my blessings but I think I will save some for later, and some just for us. Sometimes it just takes writing it all down to feel a little better.

What are some of the things you are thankful for?

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jubilee said...

Great list. You ARE blessed! Oh that we would take the time to remember our blessings more often, eh?