Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jonathan = Mini Mike

It's kind of funny that I have a mini husband around the house when Mike is at work. He "fixes" things that don't always need fixing, lifts the "heavy" things for me, heck, he even tells me where to go when we are driving. We left daycare yesterday and this is what I got from my Mini Mike:

"No mom, go the other way"

"No sweetie, we are going this way home"

"No, we need to go through Holly mom. I need to"

"We're going home this way"

"No, I need to go through Holly mom, Nana lives in Holly, I need to go see Nana in Holly"

"Nana's still at work babe. We have to go home and let Haley out"


He sure has Mikes sense of direction. He's not even 3 yet and he knows our whole drive to daycare and back. He knows where the pumpkin patch is, the firestation, Ms Di's road, Mt. Holly (where Santa lives and he wants to go skiiing with daddy, not mommy), where daddy's light is, his light, and where our house is.

Heck, I don't need a navigation system. Take him there once and he knows where to go. He can barely see out the window but he knows where he is at. That is sooo my husband (well, he can see out the window, but he always know where he is at).

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Erica - 5 Minutes for Mom said...

Hi there. I just wanted you to know that you are a finalist in our Horsing Around Photo Contest.

Thanks :)