Sunday, February 8, 2009

Let's Go Krogering!

I love the fact that Kroger's ads start on Monday. Gives me a chance to use the new Sunday coupons on the current ad one more time before the new sale starts. I showed off my coupons skills with Becky and Marjie today showing them how to shop. I spent $35.73 and saved $61.57. My goal is to save at least as much as I am spending. For those of you that think coupons don't make a difference, I saved $33 in coupons alone (the remainder was from Managers Specials and my Kroger Card).

I have a pretty good stock pile going at home now from the past few weeks. We have a good 10 boxes of cereal, 5+ boxes of snack bars (Fiber One, South Beach . . .), and 8 tubes of toothpaste. I love it because I am buying the things we need, just not when we need them. By getting them on sale and using coupons, I spend an average of $1 on those items now instead of the $3.99+ they normally cost.

A few things you can't see real good in the picture are 3 packages of hotdogs, a bag of Fresh Express salad, Organic Vanilla Almond Cereal, Deli Ham, Organic Tomato Paste, Purex Laundry Detergent and there are two boxes of the Multi Grain Cherrios.

Our bill would have been a lot lower but I did get a some things I needed, Organic Rice Milk, Venus Embrace Razor, Johnson and Johnson No Tangles Leave In Conditioner (Jonathan), laundry detergent and some Coke Zero.

This saves us so much money. I am getting to know how much I can get normal items for and I find myself passing by stuff because I know I can get it cheaper. This is where the stock pile comes in handy, I can be picky and wait for the good sales. I basically only need to get milk, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables and a few other items on a weekly basis.


Nic said...

You must fill me in on how you are doing this! I read on the net that people do this, but I have yet to figure out HOW!? We sure could use all that savings! I'm sick of spending over $200 every two weeks on groceries!

Bertram Lakatos Family said...

Can you teach a class? Monte will be your first student!