Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3 Years And Counting

Jonathan had his birthday on Saturday. I can't believe he is 3.

Going out for ice cream has become a tradition for his birthday. On his 1st birthday we went to Dairy Queen with my parents and sisters for his first ice cream, on his second birthday Aunt Becky and I took his to Cold Stone, and on Saturday Mike and I took him to Cold Stone. He picked Cake Batter ice cream with white chocolate chips, and he ate every bite.

It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. It amazes me how fast children change. In the past year Jonathan has learned so much. He has learned to count and knows his colors in English and Spanish, he knows his shapes, his ABC's, and can almost spell his name. He loves playing with all of his friends, singing songs, and shaking his booty. He has always been an affectionate child, but since Lilah has been born it's amazing to see how a child can love so much. He is constantly playing with her, taking to her, and singing to her. I love it when he will randomly walk up and give her a hug and kiss. I love our drives to and from daycare every day. We talk for the entire 25 minute drive. What we like to do, what what we are going to make for dinner, what he is learning during school time, the weather, family, his friends, and we sing. He tells me when he got in trouble and what he did. I hope he never loses that. His ability to talk to us about anything and everything. Every day I am amazed at the person he is becoming. Happy 3rd Birthday Bubba!!

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Gina said...

Great pictures!! Happy birthday Jonathan!