Thursday, March 19, 2009

Late Night Krogering

Did some late night Krogering with my sister.

Spent $41.59, saved $102.61.

I am bummed I took the picture and still had 3 bags full of groceries sitting on the counter. Strawberries, Collard Greens, 2 more Tropicana Orange Juices, Eggs, and I don't remember what else.

I also noticed something new this week. My Kroger is no longer paying me to buy groceries. In prior purchases, you could get Mentos gum at the normal price of $1.59, use a $1 coupon, and that coupon would double taking $2 off your total. The bonus coupon is now adjusting down to the price of the item, taking off an additional .59. Still free so I shouldn't complain, but I did like getting paid to shop.

1 comment:

Gina said...

I'm so jealous that your kroger doubles up to $1. I have to come over and visit and do a grocery shopping date with you:-)