Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reccent Jonathanisms

"Tell me about a story when you were a little boy mom."

When my parents were leaving yesterday, Jonathan was staring at my dad's eyebrows.
"Hey Papa, why you have a mustache on top of your nose?"

I yelled at Jonathan earlier today for getting in to something he shouldn't and his reply to me was "Mom, you my best friend".

Mike and Jonathan have been working on a project together for the past 6 weeks. The cleaned out our old fish tank one day, another day they went shopping and got rocks and a filter, one week they filled it with water, another they bought plants for it, and last week they got fish. He now has 2 Black Molly's named "Green", and yes, they both have the same name. Seriously, how you are supposed to tell them apart? And he has a blue crayfish, named "Blue". It is his responsibility to feed them every night. We have already had a few discussions on how much to feed them , too much will make them sick.

I can't believe he is going to be 3 on Saturday. I keep trying to get an idea of what he wants for his birthday, and ever since his cousin Tessa's party, all he wants are blue things.
A blue birthday party, with blue cake, blue candles, blue present and blue toys.

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