Friday, January 23, 2009

Bigger And Better Things

Lilah has loved her rice cereal so much, she is wanting seconds. I really wanted to wait until 6 months for solids, but because of her reflux and not being able to up her meds yet, we started on rice cereal recently. She has to have it after every meal. Now she is wanting double the amount. I feel like I am stuffing here full of cereal, so we have decided to start on a few veggies.

Last night I made some squash for her. I baked a Butternut Squash and a Winter Squash (I think it's the same as an Acorn Squash, looked the same at least). I pureed it in the Babycook when it was done baking (it bakes better than steaming, that's why I did not steam it in the Babycook too). I could not believe it. The texture was perfectly smooth.

I spend a total of $2 on both of the squashes. Other than cooking time, the total prep time took about 20 minutes. I made 28 2oz servings of baby food. That .07 a serving (based on my HR calculations).

I froze it in my babyfood freezer trays, popped out the cubes and put them in labled ziplock freezer bags.

It's so easy, so cheap, and soo healthy. No preservatives. I know exactly what is in her food.

Why doesn't everyone make their own babyfood?

Reviews on the Butternut Squash - Delicious!! She was mad when it was gone.

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Finleypotamus said...

You know, I never realized how easy it was to make baby food either. With my first, I bought because I thought homemade was really difficult. It's super easy. I use a steamer and then do the ice cub/freezer bag method, too.