Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Special Breakfast/Lunches

Jonathan's breakfast is starting to freak me out. I think it is staring at me. Too bad I didn't give it a mouth. I should find something to add to it. The eyes are egg bowls with olives, I am sure he will eat those first. The pancake is a chocolate hazelnut pancake, it was a mix from Target, i froze the leftovers from a few weeks ago. We are out of syrup so he has a little pinch bowl with peanut butter and jelly to put on it and a few frozen blueberries.

His special lunch is leftover maple glazed chicken tenders we had for dinner tonight, Ditalini pasta cooked in stewed tomatoes my aunt had canned from the summer, and artichokes. I gave him a little pinch bowl or Parmesan cheese to put on his pasta and another pinch bowl with some dried fruit.

I would pack my own special lunch but Dawn is bringing homemade meatball subs for lunch at work tomorrow. Mmmmm!

Lilah's lunch not so exciting, bottles of booby milk and rice cereal for afterwards. The rice cereal has really helped her reflux, and she is loving it. As soon as she sees it she opens her mouth and starts grabbing for it.

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