Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can I go to bed now?

Even though it is Wordless Wednesday, I feel guilty for my lack of photo posting and lack of blogging over the past week. My memory card reader for the camera has disappeared and I hate using my flash, and it's dark when I get home from work. No explanation for lack of blogging, just trying to get house back together from Christmas and Lilah's reflux has been flaring up again. So I guess that's an excuse.

I just finished completing our bedtime routine with Jonathan and it seem quite complicated to me. Throw some pajamas on and stick the kid in bed. Simple as that, I wish.

Our bedtime starts off idealy around 7 or 7:30, depending on if it is a bath night. I try to get Jonathan's pajamas on, but he has been insisting on doing it himself. That takes a few minutes, he often gets his head stuck in his shirt, or puts it on upside down. He has wanted to pick our his own pajamas the past few weeks, and he always wants the ones with feet. Pretty funny because he is a little furnace and normally later wants them of. After pajamas we brush our teeth. That also takes a little bit. He has a few toothbrushes to choose from, so we have to pick ONE. . . .

Sorry, had to go take a break to put the monkey's diaper back on.

Toothpaste is another choice. Maybe I offer to many options. We have Thomas Toothpaste (flouride free Orajel), the J/A/S/O/N Strawberry toothpast he got for Christmas (he's not a big fan), or th Dr. Seuss toothpaste (used rarely due to flouride and he tends to forget to swish and spit). He brushes his teeth, I brush his teeth, he washes his hands, I wash his hands . . .

Next we pick out approximatly two books to read. Tonight we read two special books about a cat in the Davisburg Candle Factory that Meema got for him. Great stories and pictures, he loved them. After our books we head to bed.

We say our bedtime prayers, well I say it, Jonathan yells it. Then we each talk about anything else that we want to pray for. Tonight Jonathan said he wants mommy to drive safe, and Aunt Sarah and daddy too. Sometimes we have to say our prayers twice because Jonathan likes it so much. Specially if he forgets to fold his hands, or if I start saying it first, we have to start all over then.

After prayers we have to turn on his "special light" and if the remote is working I will turn on his moon as well. We have to lay a blanket down underneath him, normally Linus blankie, then his arms have to come out the top. Then a different blankie, normally ABC blankie, has to cover his arms. Then hugs and kisses and hopefully that is it for the night.

However, a monkey (technically Curious George, who Jonathan calls "Dangles"), has recently joined the routine. Monkey has to have a diaper on. Once I walk out the door all of a sudden he needs a new diaper and I often have to go back in and stop him from trying to waste all of Lilah's diapers on the monkey. Tonight monkey had to have his arms tucked in with Jonathan.

When Mike is home, the routine comes in later and everything is thrown off. We love you sweetie, and we love having you home, it just messes up our routine.

He's silent now, I am hoping we are done.

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Gina said...

Oh my gosh I was cracking up reading this. And yes, you give too many options! We did too, for a while. I think there were 6 toothbrushes in the drawer. Now there is only one. And the comment about having to start over... so funny when it's someone else, somewhat annoying when it's me!