Friday, January 30, 2009

Poor Little Peanut

Our poor little doll sprouted another tooth yesterday. Took it like a champ during the day at daycare, but had a rough night at home. She normally gets fussy a little in the evening as her reflux meds wear off so we had that plus her teething. Pretty rough to handle, specially when mommy left her infant motirn at daycare. We had the Tylenol but that doesn not seem to do anything for my kids (or myself for that matter). Her Gripe Water helped even better than the Tylenol. The only way I could keep her calm was in her Peanut Shell. I think she just wanted to snuggle up to her BFF, my boobs. So that is how we spend our night, doing laundry and getting things done, in the Peanut Shell. Poor little peanut, mommy's sorry you are hurting.
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