Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slow Down Sweetie

On Friday I could lay Lilah down on the couch and not have to worry about walking away for a few seconds . . . those good old days are gone. On Saturday Lilah rolled over from her back to her front. No surprise there, she did not get much tummy time for a while due to her reflux. She practiced her new skill 3 times in the afternoon. She had been pretty fussy but it did not seem like her reflux was bothering her. That was the first clue, then there was the drool covered shirt, and she topped it off with attempting to chomp on my face and leaving a hickey on my hand from chewing and sucking on it. I peeked in her mouth and 3 little jagged points of her bottom left tooth were starting to poke through. So she spend the weekend sleeping about an hour or two at a time, gnawing on cold teething rings, enjoying the infant ibuprofen, and leaving trails of drool on everything she touched. I now remember how much I hate teething. This evening I layed Lilah on her tummy on a blanket on the floor while we were attempting to get some things done, next thing we knew she was on her back, again. Two days and she has rolled over both ways and cut a tooth. I really hope the rest of her infanthood does not go by so fast, I am not ready for another two year old. Maybe if I just strap her in to her high chair she won't learn anything else.

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