Sunday, January 11, 2009

I a grownup?

This is two stories in one. Jonathan has been trying to plug in the lamp by his train table because when he backs up in to it, it unplugs. We have had a conversation about how dangerous it is and only grownups can plug things in. Yesterday Jonathan came running in to our bedroom:

Jonathan: Mom, you a grownup?
Me: Yep
Jonathan: Oh, come 'ere.
Me: What do you need sweetie?
Jonathan: You turn the light on? Thanks.

A few minutes later he walks in to the kitchen.

Jonathan: I not a grownup?
Me: Nope.
Jonathan: I going in time out.
Me: You are? Why?
Jonathan: I turn the light on.
Me: Did you plug it in or did you just turn it on?
Jonathan: I just turn it on.
Me: Then you don't need to go in time out sweetie. You can turn it on, just not plug it in.
Jonathan: Oh, okay.

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