Friday, January 9, 2009

Should Have Been A Scientist

I think I really should have been a scientist. Mike took Lilah to a doctor's appointment yesterday for her reflux flaring up, she is now taking rice cereal after she eats. Originally he said 1tbs cereal to 1tbs breast milk. Yea that was paste. We are unaware of what the doctor actually recommended, so we are going through a process of trial and error to get this figured out. It sounds very easy, but the mixture has to be thin enough so she can eat/drink it, it has to be thick enough to weigh down the milk in her system to do any good, and we are adding prune juice to keep her comfortable and keep things moving along. She is not a fan of the prune juice flavor. Also, breastmilk breaks down the startches in the cereal so it can not be prepared ahead of time. We have already tried at least 7 differnt times since last night. I am hoping by the end of the weekend we will have the magic mixture down to an art and Lilah's reflu will be under control.

I wanted to wait at least another month before trying cereal with Lialh but we had to start it a lot sooner. I do still want to wait until closer to 6 months before introducing anything else. I would have never been able to rationalize spending the money, but as a gift from my parents, I have fallen in love with the Beaba Babycook. This thing is awesome. I am making my second batch of baby food right now. I decided soon after Lilah was born that I was going to make all of her food. With her reflux she has a very sensitive system, this will eliminate any preservatices or additives, it's fresh food, organic, local, it cost less, it's healthier, and it taste better. It will be perfect as we will be joining a CSA this spring as well. We are not giving her any baby food yet, but I have already made a batch of carrots and working on a batch of broccoli right now. If anyone wants to come over for a babyfood making party, let me know. Bring some fruits or vegetables, I have some here, and we can split a batch.

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