Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All I want for Christmas

You can't start with just one post, so here is another.

Yesterday evening on the way home from daycare Jonathan and I got in a discussion about Santa and what everyone wanted for Christmas. Previously when you asked him, his response was "train tracks", easy enough. However yesterday, the list grew by at least $100,000. When I asked him again, this was the response I got, "I want a big house like Ms. Di and Big Ed(our daycare providers/family) with big doors too". How the heck did we go from wooden train tracks to a new big house? Yea sweetie, mommy wants a new big house too, but unless we win the lottery, that's not going to happen.
Next, I asked him what mommy wants. "Oh mommy stuff, like new chapsticks", he knows me too well. According to Jonathan, Lilah wants pink toys and a little baby doll in a box, Daddy wants "Daddy stuff" whatever that may be, and Aunt Becky wants a "little door to go somewhere else", smart kid.
Come on over to my house, sit on Jonathan's lap, and he'll tell you what you want for Christmas.

P.S. Bring your checkbook, the wishes are big this year!

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