Sunday, December 7, 2008

I want a Special Lunch!

We have a lot of food that seems to go to waste, so I have been trying to pack Jonathan's lunch more for daycare. He loves his special lunches. He get's so excited and starts telling everyone when we get to daycare what he has to eat for lunch. I have also started packing him special breakfasts. I have adopted the "Bento" concept with using smaller containers inside of larger ones. It eliminates all the plastic baggies so there is less garbage. I use smaller amounts of a variety of foods. He is such a good eater it is east to do. The lunch for tomorrow is pretty boring but I have been using our Christmas cookie cutters and he has had Santa and Gingerbread Man eggs for breakfast a few times, and a Santa and Christmas Tree Panini's. Those were a hit. I didn't like the Bento Containers from Japan. The plastic could not be washed in the dishwasher or microwaved, makes me wonder what the heck is in it. So I bought some of the take and toss containers and I use the silicone molds and pinch bowls. They work great in case only a portion of his lunch needs to be heated. You can microwave and bake in them. They also work great to put dip in or keeping things from getting soggy. So here is a picture of his lunch for tomorrow. Nothing fancy. A piece of Tilapia, two mashed potato Smiles, Ketchup, corn and some fruit. It's so easy to do. It saves waste, saves money, and it's healthy. If I want him to eat something he doesn't like as much, do something fun with it. Use cookie cutters and make it in a cool shape. Call it something new. Jonathan won't eat broccoli, but he'll eat "trees" every time. If you tell him there is spinach on his plate, won't touch it. But when it's "leaves", he'll gobble it up.

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Gina said...

OH I laughed out loud for this one. Soo funny. I really should start trying this with Ava. She won't eat anything. You're so clever Carrie!!