Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas?

We have been trying to plan the perfect Christmas for Jonathan. He was so in to everything this year, and it was Lilah's first Christmas too. Wednesday I got our make ahead breakfast's together and started getting the house cleaned up for Christmas. Wednesday evening around 6:30, Jonathan threw up. I was hoping it was from coughing as we have all had a cold the past few weeks. Nope. He did not stop. We did somehow manage to put out a plate with cookies, carrots, special reindeer food and Jonathan's Nuks. We even watch daddy sprinkle the magic reindeer food outside so they would know where to find us. Mike and I went to bed around 1 and Jonathan was still getting sick. I woke up around 6am with a belly ache to quickly find out I had the stomach flu as well. Jonathan was feeling a little better in the morning and enjoyed opening his presents, including his new train table. I managed to record about 45 seconds of it before having to get sick. I didn't get any pictures of opening presents. I feel horrible I missed him opening up most of his presents, but I could barely manage to get off the bathroom floor, let alone the bed. Mike's brother stopped over to get a pie we had for Christmas, and my sisters stopped over to get some gifts they had at our house. We had to cancel all of our plans for the day. My family did not come over and we did not go over to Mike paren's house as planned. We were all so disappointed but tried to make the best out of our day together. Not sure if we managed to do that, Jonathan and I slept away the flu as much as we could as Mike and Lilah chilled in the living room spending time together. My family stopped over in the evening with our stockings from their house and visited for a while. I hope no one else get's this horrible flu, we did our best to stay quarantined. I am hoping it is finally over.
I know, you love my hot hair.


laceymiller84 said...

I love your hot hair Carrie.....seriously.

We missed you guys so much. We will just pretend that Cristmas is on Sunday :) Looking forward to seeing you all then!

Gina said...

I'm so sorry you guys were sick:-( Although I bet it was kinda nice to just chill on Christmas (minus the throwing up). It seems like that day is the busiest of the year for us and sometimes it would be nice to chill at home. I hope it's all out of your house now!