Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I am a little paranoid about starting a personal blog. The first little sign that someone is stalking my family, or saving pictures of my kids, and I am done. With that said, I really wanted a personal blog for a few different reasons.

Share hilarious parenting stories (think my family is sick of me calling them multiple times a day)
Help me come up with more creative healthy meals for my family
Balance my personal and professional life
So I can print my blog in book form each year because I suck at keeping up with the baby books

I have a photography blog set up with my website, I have my flicker site, facebook and a myspace, and I do blog on myspace but it is way to hard to keep it organized. So what do I do, add something else. What intrigues me so, is the fact that I can easily have my blog put in to a book form and have everything recorded for my babies. I don't think anything has been entered in Jonathan's baby book since he got his last tooth, at least a year ago, and Lilah's hasn't even been started yet. Jonathan says way too many funny thing for me not to record them, and Lilah is always up to something.

I am a wife. I am a mom to a funy, energetic, 2 1/5 yr old little boy named Jonathan with a great imagination, and a beautiful, happy, 3 month old little girl named Lilah who has Silent Reflux and MSPI(Milk/Soy Protein Intollerance), and a wonderful dog named Haley who loves the kids, running around, and barking at every little noise she hears outside. I am an ex-vegetarian, as in I ate meat for the first time in 9 years last week, and I like it. I'm not granola, but I am a baby wearing, breastfeeding, organic buying (when I can afford it) mom that tries to be green. I work full time in Human Resources, and I also have my own photography business. Having to work full time, with my husband working a lot of nights, I try to think of fun things for us to do on the evenings and weekends when it is just me and the kids. Try to make the time that we do have special together. I know it will be gone before I know it. My house isn't always clean, sometimes I forget to return phone calls, every now and then I'll leave something odd like a box of crackers in the refrigerator, but my kids are happy, clean, well nourished, and for the most part well behaved. I like to make fun healthy lunches for Jonathan, somewhat Bento inspired, I like to play games with him, I like to take road trips and ride in the car with my husband, and I like to make silly faces to make Lilah laugh. I love my crazy, tragic, and sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life.

So please, subscribe to my feed, bookmark my blog, and leave lots of comments, and maybe, I'll keep this going.

I know it's boring so far, but I promise, I will pimp it out soon.

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