Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Final

As in, I am a finalist! In the Hallmark YourParenthood Father's Day Card contest. I received a phone call from Hallmark this evening notifying me that I am one of 12 finalists selected. That comes with a $250 cash prize, $250 donation to a charity of my choice, and my card will be sold in Hallmark stores and online. It will officially be announced in February and the voting will begin soon after. You better get ready to start voting because this is not the last you will hear of it. A big thank you goes to my husband for being a great father. I think I will buy 50 of these cards when they go on sale and he will get one every year for Father's Day.

I need help coming up with a charity to donate to. Please comment with a suggestion. I want the money to go to a good cause.


Karen Bertram said...

Judson Center. We provide care for foster children, kids who don't work out in foster care (residential) and parents who want to work to get their children home. We also have an amazing Autism program. I am very proud and amazed at all the children and families we touch everyday. I can not tell you how passionately I believe in the work we do.

AND ALSO? CONGRATS!!!! I love love love that photo!

Carrie said...

Thanks. The first place I thought of was Autism Speaks, then I thought about St. Jude but I wanted soemthing local. Great idea, and I never knew they existed.

Gina said...

Congratulations Carrie! Yay!! I will vote as many times as I can so keep me posted on when. Awesome picture!!