Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CHRISTmas Traditions

I am freaking out about Christmas gifts for the kids and family traditions. I really have all of my shopping for them done, but I want to give them something special each year and start a family tradition. I figured we better start now if we want to do something like that. I decided that I want to get them each a special hardcover book each year and write them a note in it and date it. Sounds easy enough. I got that idea from a book I got for Lilah, "My Little Girl". I am unhappy with the book I picked out for Jonathan. I think I am going to return it. I want more of a classic, and something to symbolize where they are at in their life. I picked a Usborne book of stories for boys, It's cute, Joanthan will like it, but I don't feel it is special enough. We spend forever at Borders picking it out, adn I already want to return it. What about his first 2 Christmases? I don't want him to feel leftout, I think I should backdate 2 books. But I also want to get them special ornaments each year so they will have some for their tree when they grow up ( boo whoo). I would need to backdate that too. And Christmas pajamas, I want to get them pajamas too. I want to make a Birthday Cake for Jesus too, my mom always does that. This is so hard. What to do, what not to do. What book to get . . . I want Christmas to be special for them every year, like it was for me. I know it's not about presents at all, but I do want to start some traditions, and I don't want to wait until they are out of the house to do it. Any book ideas? I am stumped and don't want to leave Borders in tears. I want to do the book thing at least. What are your family traditions for Christmas?


Sarah said...

...Breath deeply. Mom can still make the Jesus cake because we will come over on Christmas day and she will like it. By backorder ornaments online - shouldn't be hard. The book idea is neat.

Another idea is a collection for Lilah like Precious Moments, etc.

Gina said...

I love the book idea! Especially writing something in it every year. That will be so cool for them to look at. We're going to do the birthday cake for Jesus as well. We also told Ava that for every toy she gets for Christmas, she has to donate one of her old toys to a child who doesn't have any. That way we don't overflow with toys and she learns about giving as well.

Carrie said...

Love the idea about donating toys. We told Jonathan we are leaving all of his Nuk's for Santa to give to babies who don't have any (he needs to drop the paci). Everytime he gets fussy when we mention it I tell him how they are helping the babies who don't have any (even thought they will be going in the trash). I think it will be a good time to donate some of his toys. I thin we'll do that too. I have been selling some of them on Craigslist and he gets upset when people come to pick them up, even thought he doesn;t play with them anymore.