Friday, December 19, 2008

My Superman

Conversation on our way home tonight:

Me: The roads are getting slippery.
Jonathan: Oh. I put salt out?
Me: No, it's okay.
Jonathan: I Superman, I fly fast, I keep you safe. I push car out.

I love my little Superman.

Jonathan playing with his trains:
Hey, you go to time out, I spank your butt. (puts train in engine house). Train put a tree on top of choo-choo train house. Get off my house, go in time out.

He cracks me up.

We just finished saying our bedtime prayers. I prayed for daddy to drive home safe and for God to take care of sick babies. I also prayed that Aunt Becky drives safe to work tomorrow. I asked Jonathan if there was anything else he wanted to pray for and here is the response I got:
"Pray for money so I go shopping tomorrow". Too funny. We never talk about money, unless it involves putting it in his "piggy pank". My kind of man. Now if that money would only show up . . .


Gina said...

He is so funny!

laceymiller84 said...

That brought tears to my eyes! He is so funny! I love my Bubba :)